It’s not anti-father to want to be free from abuse and to want to protect children from violence. It’s not anti-father to want to be free from coercive control.

It’s pro-children.

It’s pro-health.

It’s pro-human rights.

It’s pro-justice.

It’s pro-peace, for everyone.

And yet, women are accused of being anti-father and punished and silenced every day around the globe when they ask for these basic human rights for themselves and their children in Family Court.

The question is:

“How is my desire to be safe, and for my children (and all children) to be safe, considered a personal attack against anyone?” – Annie Kenny

P.S. we 100% celebrate all of the wonderful men, husbands, leaders, partners, fathers, and caregivers around the globe who are inspiring a compassionate and loving future.

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