Shared via Shera Research Group. Originally published on October 23, 2023.

From ‘Parental Alienation’ to [Abusers’] Child and Mother Sabotage (CAMS) as a preferable term for how perpetrator fathers intentionally sabotage the child-mother connection

Dalgarno, E., Meier, J., Ayeb-Karlsson, S., Pollack, D. and Katz, E.

“This article is written to introduce the new term Child and Mother Sabotage (CAMS), as an alternative to the problematic term ‘parental alienation’ (‘PA’) and offshoots of it in family courts.

We write to encourage people to avoid the use of the term ‘PA’ or ‘alienating behaviours’ (ABs). ‘PA’ is currently widely used to refer to how some parents seek to deliberately undermine the other parent’s relationship with their child.

Unfortunately, allegations of ‘PA’ or ‘ABs’ are often used against mothers and children who report abuse by a father, to the detriment of many families. The origins, research on, and application of ‘PA’ and ‘ABs’ in the family court context are deeply problematic.”

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