By Maya Oppenheim, Originally Published Wednesday, July 22, 2020

“The family courts have emboldened domestic abusers to continue cycles of abuse, including control, unwanted contact and harassment. Family courts should not allow the perpetrator to have parental responsibility or contact with the survivor when the perpetrator has a conviction, is subject to a restraining order, or where it’s been proven that they pose a serious risk of harm to that individual and the child.” – Claire Waxman

Family courts are responsible for “state-sanctioned abuse” of domestic abuse victims as they allow violent parents to torment their ex-partners through the legal process, London’s victims commissioner has warned.

Frontline service providers warn domestic abusers use the family courts to continue terrorising their ex-partners – with domestic abuse allegations routinely dismissed and abusive ex-partners given access to their children.

The victims commissioner’s warning comes as the domestic abuse bill, which has been hailed as a once in a generation chance to tackle domestic violence, goes through parliament.

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